Published Works of the Drake Navigators Guild

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Across seven decades, major publishers and distinguished journals in the United States and Great Britain have published scores of works by Drake Navigators Guild scholars. Edward Von der Porten alone has been published over 80 times. What follows is a partial list of the their work.

Books: All by Edward Von der Porten
  • Ghost Galleon: The Discovery and Archaeology of the San Juanillo on the Shores of Baja California. Texas A&M University Press (2019). ISBN 978-1-62349-767-5
  • Write In Style. Perfection Learning; 5th edition (2012). ISBN 978-0789182968
  • The Drake And Cermeño Expeditions' Chinese Porcelains At Drakes Bay, California 1579 And 1595. Santa Rosa Junior College and Drake Navigators Guild (1981). (Co-authored with Clarence Shangraw)
  • Pictorial History of the German Navy in World War II. Crowell; Revised edition (1976). ISBN 978-0690010800
  • The German Navy in World War II. T. Y. Crowell (1969). ASIN B0006BZ9A4

  • Steve Wright, Michael Von der Porten (2019) "The History and Archaeology Relating to Drake, Cermaenño, and Vizcaiíno in Marin County," Proceedings of The Society for California Archaeology.
  • Admiral Sir Simon Cassels, KCB CBE (2013) "Where Did Drake Careen The Golden Hind in June/July 1579? A Mariner's Assessment," The Mariner's Mirror
  • Robert Allen (2007) “Nova Albion, The 1579 Claim to New England,” Sea History.
  • Edward Von der Porten, Raymond Aker, Robert Allen, James Spitze (2004) "Who Made Drake's Plate of Brass?" California History. (This article was awarded the Coke Wood Award—second place—by Westerners International in 2004.)
  • Edward Von der Porten (2005) "Spanish Pieces of Eight, The First Worldwide Currency," Monterey History and Art Association Quarterly.
  • Edward Von der Porten (1996) “Notes on the Swedish Warship Vasa of 1628," Nautical Research Journal.
  • Edward Von der Porten (2004) "A New Drake Myth," Sea History.
  • Edward Von der Porten (1994) "The Hanseatic League," National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Society.
  • Raymond Aker (1980) “A Safe Harbor At Point Reyes,” Geographical Society, Royal Geographical Society.
  • Edward Von der Porten (1975) "Drake's First Landfall," Pacific Discovery, California Academy of Sciences.
  • Edward Von der Porten (1972) "Drake and Cermeño in California: Sixteenth Century Chinese Ceramics," Historical Archaeology.
  • Captain Adolph S. Oko (1964) “Francis Drake and Nova Albion,” California Historical Society Quarterly.
  • Edward Von der Porten (1960) “Our First New England,” United States Naval Institute Proceedings.
  • Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, U.S.N. (1958) “Drake’s Cove—A Navigational Approach to Identification,” Pacific Discovery, California Academy of Sciences.

The DNG has also published books written by their members. Some of these include:
  • Steve Wright (2016). Francis Drake’s Mostly Marvelous Adventure.
  • Raymond Aker and Edward Von der Porten (2010). Discovering Francis Drake’s California Harbor.
  • Raymond Aker (1970). Report of Findings Relating to Identification of Sir Francis Drake’s Encampment at Point Reyes National Seashore.
  • Raymond Aker (1965). The Cermeño Expedition at Drakes Bay 1595.